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What’s in My Makeup Bag: Fall Edition

Makeup Bag

I love to write about what’s currently in my makeup bag because I like seeing how my taste changes throughout the year. Lately I’ve been loving the graphic eye trend, wearing makeup that is a mixture of 60s mod with a sun kissed Gidget twist. For those who don’t know, …

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Beauty Basics: Primer And Foundation

Nyx Cosmetics Studio Perfect Primer in Clear

I have noticed that on many blogs or YouTube videos that the creators don’t explain much of what the product that they use does, why they use it, and how to use it. They just go on and do the makeup look, and that’s fine for all us makeup artists that don’t need …

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Add a Pinch of Pink and Smack Into Skin


I haven’t written about beauty in such a long time. You guys can probably see a pattern emerging here: in Australia, I rattle on about food and how much school sucks. But put me on the plane home and I start writing about girly superficiality because (almost) everything is cheap …

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Lip Liners! To Make Your Lips Prominent and Beautiful

Lip Liners

By applying lip lines lips give an effect of tidiness and its prominent the lips a lot. It looks attractive with the lipstick. Every woman wants to look good, lip liner is an additional cosmetic to look good and shine. Basic function of lip liner is to keep the lipstick …

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Spring Break Essentials

Break Essentials

It’s spring break guys!! I’m heading to the Gold Coast tomorrow with my friend, Nad, who’s going to be flying in from Singapore! I haven’t seen her since my last trip home so I suspect there will be plenty of bitchery over coffee and late night gelato. My travel beauty …

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EOTD: Christmas Get Together


I have a Christmas get together tonight. I wanted to do something green, and didn’t think I actually owned a green shadow until I started looking through my things. One of my Sugarpill pallets has a lovely green in it so I decided to use that with another Sugarpill color. …

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I’m Saying Heck Yes to Cucumbers!


I was on the hunt for new makeup remover wipes, because I had run out of my oh-so-trusty Neutrogena brand ones. Luckily, I found myself at Target to pick up the usual staples of doggie treats and hair spray, and discovered the Yes to Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes!   …

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Look Your Best with This Simple Beauty Routine

Simple Beauty Routine

Looking beautiful and attractive all the time is desired by each and every one of us. One dreams of a flawless, blemish-free glowing skin, hair and body all the times but not all of us are blessed with perfect skin and this is the reason why a number of beauty …

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