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Favourite Short Cropped Hairstyles

short cropped hairstyles

Some women might think they would be difficult because it has short hair. Moreover, today many hairstyles are more focused on long hair. Though short hair through it we can also have a very attractive appearance. In fact, we are also able to maximize all parts of the hair without …

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Suave Moroccan Infusion Shampoo and Conditioner

Suave Moroccan Infusion

What is it? Shampoo and Conditioner formulated for color treated and dull hair that is infused with Moroccan Argan Oil. How much is it? The price varies. I have seen it as low as $2.50 and all the way up to $4.99. I personally paid only $2.00 after coupons for each one. Where to buy …

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Four Tools for Long-Haired Ladies

Long-Haired Ladies Tools

What a sexist title! Guys can have long hair too you know!! But they shouldn’t. If you’re a guy with long hair just have a long hard look at yourself…whilst getting a hair cut, they usually have mirrors there. I just improved your life. That was a weird introduction. Shall …

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Miracurl Hair Styler Review


I am the most uncoordinated hair stylist out there, I couldn’t even straighten my own hair until about 5 years ago, and don’t get me started with home blow dry attempts. If I can get my hair to curl, you’ll know about it – I’ve tried every conical, curling wand …

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An Overview of Cute Short Haircuts

Cute Short Haircuts

Nowadays, everybody enjoys being cheered for their good look and have a nice cute short haircuts especially ladies. They may pretend but in the depth of their hearts is joyous. The beauty of women has a lot to do with the fashion. Their hairstyle has lots to do with how …

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Tutorial: How to Get Curly Hair Like Selena Gomez

Selena Gomez Curls Tutorial

Selena Gomez has natural curls that look absolutely adorable. A lot of women these days are running after straight hair. They try harsh products and heat to make hair straight. They spend so much in order to get straight shiny hair. They do not realize that curly hair looks super …

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REVIEW: Label.M Volume Mousse for Bigger Hair

Label.M Volume Mousse Hair Styler

You may remember my recent post on Label.M hair products where I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner and as a lovely bonus,received the tote and cosmetics bag alongside. Well,as promised here’s the review on the third styling product I received – the Label.M Volume Mousse which merits a post all …

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Label.M Hair Care Products

Label.M Hair Care Products

The lovely people at Beautybooth.com were kind enough to send me some Label.M Professional Haircare products recently in the form of a shampoo,conditioner and volumising foam to try out. What is really exciting is the gorgeous William Tempest tote and shopping bag they also sent alongside. Depending what you purchase,you …

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