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Skin Care Review: LUSH Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturizer

LUSH Skin's Shangri La Facial Moisturizer

This summer, I’ve suffered more from oily skin than usual. I’m typically very dry, so this has sort of surprised me. Being 42, I’m thinking maybe I’m hitting the menopausal years (which I’m totally unprepared to handle), but regardless of the reason for the changes, I have to deal with them. That being said, I still love the feel of a rich cream on my face at night. So what’s a girl to do?


I found a great solution in LUSH’s Skin’s Shangri La Facial Moisturizer. It’s a rich cream that sinks readily into my skin and helps balance my oil production while still giving me plenty of moisture…no small feat, in my experience!


Although I find it to be very balancing (and it was sold to me on that premise), Skin’s Shangri La is marketed as being for more mature skins. It’s rich without being heavy, and it includes beneficial ingredients such as aloe vera extract, wheatgrass infusion and jojoba oil. The big selling point to this cream, as with a few other LUSH products, is their famed “Queen of Hungary Water”, a vodka-based tonic with rosemary that purportedly smooths fine lines and tightens the skin. According to the folks at LUSH, there are at least 27 shots of vodka in each batch of this cream! I didn’t notice any dramatic changes to my fine lines, but they were softened, as was the skin on my entire face. Best yet, there was no greasy residue on my forehead in the morning when I used this cream. Perhaps the vodka helped soak up some oil for me.


If you aren’t familiar with the whole LUSH schtick, they make their products by hand in small batches, sending them out to their retail stores immediately due to the fact that they all have expiration dates. There’s a picture on the back of each jar of the person who created your batch, along with the expiration date. Here’s a shot of the lovely Nic, who whipped up my batch:


Bottom Line: I’ve found Skin’s Shangri-La to be the perfect warm-weather solution for my finicky skin. It feels rich on application but doesn’t exacerbate the oilier areas of my face and leaves little to no residue behind. I’ve not experienced any breakouts with this one, either. I’m going to continue with it until the weather cools at the very least, and if it can get me through the colder months, I may have found a Holy Grail skin cream.

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