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Primark Beauty Oh La La Nails

Oh La La Nails

When it comes to false nails I am a complete fussy moo. I have really long skinny nails and to be honest I have never really found a set of nails which fit.

I used to spend a fourtune having acrylic nails done but since having a horse there really is no point as they break and end up filthy. So, I gave in to the world of ‘messy, scruffy nails’ which 9 times out of 10 I would fix with a quick layer of nail varnish, which has led me to own a rather large collection of nail varnish (much to my bfs disgust).

Fake Nails

But, whilst in Primark (see previous post) I saw these little beauties, as it was the day before nye I thought to myself  ‘hey, why not!’ when I turned them over to see the price I nearly had to sit down!! $1.11. 1 bloomin pound! That was my decision made then and there and at that price I really woldn’t give a flying rhino if they were the shoddeist things in the world, For one pound it simply didn’t matter.

So nye eve came and there they were sat on my dresser and I was umming and arring (previous bad experience putting me off) but I emptied them out and started to select the right size for each nail. This in itself was a doddle!


Good thing no 1. They had a wide range of sizes in the packet.

Now, I have to admit this review can’t be 100% faithful to Primark as I didn’t use their glue. I don’t know why I just had my own glue which I ordered off Ebay months ago. But, once on they actually looked pretty darn good, I was so impressed I actually tweeted a pic of them!

Good thing no 2. They look natural.

So, I’ve had them for well over 24 hours now and I actually can’t tell that I have them on, they fit so well and are so light I feel like they are my own natural nails.

Good thing no 3. They fit my nails so well.


Good thing no 4. They were $1.11!!!!

So overall, I actually highly recommend this product and actually am kicking myself for only picking up one packet, as my local Primark doesn’t stock them.

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