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My Amazing..amazing Cheap Brushes

Cheap Brushes

I was canvasing for good foundation brushes when I tweeted Pammy aka hawaiianpunchie.blogspot.com if she had any good alternatives for the Mac 190. She told me that I should give Marionnaud a try so after an hour I walked over to podium anddddd

I got:
N 4 Foundation brush P 299
N 3 Blusher brush P 199
N9 Standard Eyeliner P 199
*I can’t find my receipt so this is just a rough estimate.


These babies are inexpensive and AMAZINGLY SOFT. Let me stress on how SOFT and how GREAT THEY PICK UP PRODUCT. CAPSSS.

I was so impressed when I touched the bristles. HNG. (Yes I am that impressed considering its less than 300 bucks)

Truth be told I wasn’t expecting much since the usual M brushes are a hit and miss but I was so contented with all of them.

Foundation brush

Things you should know:

The Foundation brush is a bit thin but it evenly distributes the product. I find that a good thing since it can easily glide liquid foundation into difficult parts (outer corners of nose, eyelids etc etc). The lack of density works for me. I find it useful that it won’t absorb too much product and isnt a bitch to clean out.

The Blush brush sheds but I read that most brushes do during the first few uses. It picks up and applies product amazingly. It is great for contouring obv.

Blush brush

The Eyeliner brush is superb! Its a bit thin so you can control your strokes easily but has enough density so that you wouldn’t have a hard time blending.

*The only problem I have with these brushes besides the first time shedding are the rubber Nars like handles idk what to call it. IT ATTRACTS DIRT. UGH. I hate it

~*Pictures*~ I apologize if my nails are like shit. I was swatching nail polishes and I forgot to re do them. /beautybloggerfail

Best Blush brush

P.s GOD I WANT CHANEL PERIDOT. I have bad luck with nail polish though.
OT: I’m deciding if I should move to wordpress so I can finally go mainstream aka tell my friends about it since it should be less messier (like this) and I would have my thoughts organized and so with my posts. It’s hard to work it in though. So before I get a domain I better make up my mind.

I really should proof read this but nah. Sorry internet!

bobbi brown blush brush

Eyeliner brush

Best Eyeliner brush

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