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Miracurl Hair Styler Review


I am the most uncoordinated hair stylist out there, I couldn’t even straighten my own hair until about 5 years ago, and don’t get me started with home blow dry attempts.
If I can get my hair to curl, you’ll know about it – I’ve tried every conical, curling wand and styler out there and nothing gives me the curls I desire.

Until now…
The Miracurl Hair Styler from Rusk is new to Australia and it has well and truly blown my mind.

My hair itself is thin, but there is quite a lot of it, I have to have it thinned out with layers to even be able to straighten it.
It has a natural wave and sometimes I can scrunch it into a messy/wave/beach look with the help of humidity and sea salt spray.

Miracurl Hair Styler

The Miracurl is a triple threat styler with 3 timer settings, 3 heat settings and 3 directional controls.
For thin, fine hair the lowest heat setting is the one for you, if like me you have thicker hair the medium or highest setting will turn your straight locks into glamorous curls in no time.
The directional controls allow you to create uniformed curls in one direction, or for a more natural looking finish you can alternate

Miracurl Styler by Rusk

The Miracurl is ridiculously easy to use, just section out your hair and spray a light spritz of heat protectant (this is ALWAYS a must-do whenever you are heat styling your hair), take each section and place your hair into the styler.
Miracurl then gently pulls your hair into the ceramic curl chamber – all you have to do then is wait. The Miracurl lets out three beeps once it is ready, then you simply let your hair out. EASY!
To be honest, the first time I saw this styler I was scared my hair would become tangled and stuck in the barrel, but that doesn’t happen.
I think I’ve just seen one to many movies of people being dragged into machinery by their hair/tie/clothing.

If you want your curls to stay, spray over your finished curls with a long lasting, flexible hold hairspray and don’t comb your hair.If wavy, natural looking curls is more your thing, gently finger comb through and spray with a light hold, flexible hairspray.

As I use Muk Argan Oil as a thermal protector, I don’t use a finishing spray over my hair so my curls do drop a bit but with the combination of the Argan Oil and the Miracurl Styler my curls are beautifully soft and shiny.

All up, curling my hair from Hot Iron Straight took less than 20 minutes, which is about the same time it takes me to straighten my hair of a morning. This was love at first curl.


The downside?

The only thing I don’t love love love about this styler is the packaging, I am a bit of a sucker for luxe packaging, I would have loved to see this styler come nestled in a faux-velvet lined box with a flip top lid.


What about you?

Have you tried this new miracle Miracurl Styler? What do you think?

Miracurl Hair Styler by Rusk retails at $199 and is available exclusively at Hairhouse Warehouse

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