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Mini Shoe Haul Review

Mini Shoe Haul

As I mentioned in my previous outfit post, Style Snapshot #1, I purchased some incredible boots from Matalan and said I would do a separate post on them. The design just seems really on trend to me, and they look a lot more high fashion and expensive than they actually are. They are still available on the Matalan website here – Cut Out Lace Up Boots – and I would grab them if you like them, they’re a bargain price of $24.39!

I’ve been after some chunky black ankle boots like these for a while now, and I have looked at many styles. I don’t like spending a lot on shoes because I don’t tend to make shoes a feature of an outfit, and I always seem to wear quite simple black wedges that don’t detract from my look. That’s why I was so impressed to find these buckled and lace up cut out boots for such a low price.

Mini Shoe Haul Review

I absolutely love the cut out heel detail. It gives them such a unique twist and is certainly not a detail I would expect to see in such a cheap boot. Of course they’re pleather which means they can be slightly uncomfortable in hot weather, especially since you don’t wear them with socks due to the cut out. However, I can also see myself wearing these in the winter months too, I think with chunky ankle socks or tights they could look really interesting.

Matalan Boots

I love the cross over laces and the way they hook over the metal hardware. I also think the buckle strap looks cool going across the bottom of the boot and has a triangular metal end, similar to more expensive brands I’ve seen.

Matalan Boots and Shoes

Here you can better see the buckle and cut out details. You can also see the faux leather is pretty good quality and it’s a sturdily built boot. The cut out is a great shape and looks very flattering on the foot, if you want to see them worn, please refer to this outfit post.

Matalan Boots Size

I think the best thing about these boots is the sole. It’s so thick and rugged, adding a grungey twist and a nice chunky feel. It also makes them feel a lot more sturdy and high quality. I find that the sole always seems to be the first thing to go when I buy cheap shoes, and I’m sure there will be no issue with these ones.

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