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Lovely Lipstick Review: NARS Funny Face Matte Lipstick

NARS Matte Lipstick

Hello, ladies and gentlemen! I know I’ve been gone a while, and I’m so sorry I didn’t update the blog to at least tell you what was going on. I’ve had some setbacks with my neck that caused me to have to lay off the computer (torture), plus school started back, making my life one big, busy blur. It’s hard to write intelligently at 8:00 at night when you’ve been up since 4:30 and at work since 6:00!

But I think I’m back now, and I’m raring to go! To celebrate, I thought I’d bring you a happy little lipstick review on one of my new favorites…NARS Matte Lipstick in Funny Face.

Oh, there are so many reasons to love this lipstick. The Audrey Hepburn reference, the vivid fuchsia color, the creamy matte texture…seriously, what’s not to love? I haven’t found a single thing not to like about this one.

Funny Face is, at its heart, a brilliant hot pink lipstick that really pops on the lips. It’s bright and happy, and fuchsia is one of the hot colors for the season, which is a plus. As you all know, I’m usually a “red” girl, but sometimes I’m just not in the mood for the drama. Well, actually, I’m always in the mood for drama, but I’m not always in the mood to commit to the upkeep involved with my beloved dramatic reds. That’s when the pinks and berries come into play. They still give me plenty of color, but in a slightly less in-your-face manner. Pinks and berries also tend to require less re-application, as in my experience they fade down more evenly and typically leave a lovely pink stain behind. Overall—WINNING! (OMG, I can’t believe I just went there).


Here’s a shot of Funny Face on my arm in indirect sunlight:

nars matte lipstick colors

As you can see, it’s a gorgeous mid-range fuchsia that pulls just slightly cool, but still remains primarily neutral on my neutral/cool skin. This shot also shows the matte finish, which is truly lovely. It works incredibly well with the bright color because it tones things down just a bit. I think that if Funny Face had a satiny or glossy finish, it would be waaaay over the top. However, with the matte finish reigning things in a bit, the lipstick instead manages to stay on the right side of the line between bright and garish.

But even better than the arm swatch is the appearance on the lips. It’s not visible on my arm, and it’s barely visible on the actual bullet of lipstick, but Funny Face has an iridescent glow to it that’s quite unexpected.

As you can see above, this iridescence gives the effect of creaminess without adding any glossiness. It adds fullness to my lips without the stickiness of a creamy or glossy lip product. It also allows for the staying power of a true matte, which means that I only have to reapply after meals, not every few hours.

The texture of Funny Face is excellent. It feels creamy on application, then dries down a bit within the first 10 minutes or so. Being a matte, it of course isn’t moisturizing, but it’s not drying either. I wore it for 4 days in a row and didn’t end up with dry or chapped lips. If you do tend toward dry lips (I do), you might also consider applying a light layer of lip balm underneath, which gives the lipstick a very creamy texture while retaining the matte finish. Lasting power on me was exceptional. I found that I did have to reapply after meals, but on the day when I missed lunch, this lasted 8 hours! Plus, when it does fade down, it leaves behind a gorgeous, bright pink stain that doesn’t leave an unsightly ring around the mouth.

Bottom Line: This is a definite winner in the matte lipstick department. I love that it’s so bright and happy because it puts me in a good mood. The color is dramatic, but the matte finish tones it down just enough to make it suitable for day wear. The iridescence is brightening and plumping and adds an unexpected twist. I’ve been wearing this nearly every day since I got it.

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