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Lancome Review: “You’ve Got The Look” Color Design Eye Shadow Single

lancome eyeshadow

I’m still in the shimmery eye shadow phase from summer, so when I found the new Color Design Eye Shadow Single “You’ve Got The Look” from Lancome, I was smitten. It’s got color, it’s got depth, and it still plays nicely with others.

“You’ve Got The Look” is, at its heart, a pretty plummy shadow that works well for the lid or crease. What makes this such a fun color is the golden overtone to the shade, which gives it a great shimmer without being glittery and adds depth to an otherwise ubiquitous eye color.

You can see above just how shimmery this shade is, as well as just how much gold is overlaid with the plum base. It takes an otherwise ordinary color to an entirely new level and gives it far more versatility than a typical neutral would.

LANCOME Eyeshadow Palette

In some lights (and when used in the depth of the crease), the neutral plum is very apparent and is excellent for shading. However, when used on the higher planes of the eye, the gold surges forth and adds amazing highlighting:

Worn in the crease, “You’ve Got The Look” adds depth and dimension to the eye. Worn across the lid, it literally shades itself, appearing nearly holographic as the light plays across the higher and lower planes of the lid. There’s no overt glitter shining through, either, and this color applies with little to no fallout.

Bottom Line: On first glimpse, “You’ve Got The Look” is a very typical neutral plum, but once applied it becomes far more. It can carry you from day to night with ease and can be used alone or with other colors for a variety of effects. Definitely one to keep in your arsenal of shadows.

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