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How to Treat and Prevent Patches on Skin

Patches on Skin

Due to disproportionate sunlight or emissions present in air can cause rashes on our skin. Mostly these rashes demonstrate red color. These red rashes are known as dermatitis. Rashes also involve changes in color and consistency of skin. Rashes can be materialize in the form of skin lesion and can also take a form of skin rash. Rashes usually fetch out on sensitive skin. It is unnecessary kind of anarchy. Which itself resolves or take passage of time.

Causes of Red Patches:

There are fairly some causes which give inherent to this problem.
Main purpose which causes this problem is radiations coming from sun mostly ultraviolet rays which damage our cheek cell. Our skin loses its moisture and become dry and then with in one day rashes occurs.
Rashes are also caused due to inappropriate soap or detergent or from some cosmetics which didn’t suits your skin.
Some medical treatments can also cause rash such as lupus erythematosus.


Diseases Include in Rashes:

Types of diseases take place in rashes are:

  • Measles
  • Chicken pox
  • Rubella
  • Scarlet fever


Condition of Skin During Cherry Angioma:

Cherry angioma is a sort of rashes. Cherry angioma is a red to purple gloominess skin tumor. It is a tumor of unknown source that can materialize after the age of 35 to 40. They can occur almost everywhere on your body but have fast growth on your cheeks and treasure chest. This disease can probably locate on the base of their growth.


Conditions Occur During Petechiae:

There are a numerous number of conditions in which petechiae can be seen. It’s common cause includes trauma, allergic reaction. It occurs due to blood clotting. Petechiae can take place because of an abnormally high amount of platelets. It is also seen on the skin of newborn baby.


Treatment for Petechiae:

There are some ways for the treatment of petechiae.
Patients suffering from this disease may require high prescribed amount of intravenous immunoglobulin.
Petechiae can resolve them self with in a time period of 10 to 11 days.


Thrombocytopenia Disease:

Thrombocytopenia is a disorder in which no of platelets remain hardly few. Platelets are small disk shaped cellular fragments in our blood streams. They help the blood in clotting.


Causes of Occurrence:

It can occur due to excessive bleeding.
Bleeding through nose can also become a cause of Thrombocytopenia.
It can be outcome by having routine blood test.


Causes of Arising of Thrombocytopenia:

It arises due to less fabrication of platelets from our bone marrows. Too much platelet broke down in the blood which becomes a strong reason of arising or occasionally too many platelets may destroyed in the liver. It can also emerge as a complication of disease such as HIV.


In mild cases there is no treatment required for it. For restrained cases, treatment depends on cause of Thrombocytopenia. And in environmental contaminants it may resolve by itself.


We take vitamin D from sunlight. This is very advantageous for hair and our skin. Vitamin D is in the form of calciferous which is a made in your body after revelation of ultraviolet rays from sun. Major function of vitamin D is to sustain normal blood levels of calcium and phosphorus. Sunlight is very beneficial for us but their ultraviolet rays give us sever harm also.

Sun Affects on Skin:

Sunlight affects our skin in various ways. Disproportionate ultraviolet rays coming from sun can cause remarkable damage to our skin.


Ultraviolet rays gives birth to many diseases. Ultraviolet rays damage your cheek cells because of which certain skin diseases occur. Those are given below.


Ultraviolet rays impending from sun can penetrate deeply into our skin and can damage it. Up to 80 percent of skin aging is the result of rays coming from sun.


Sunspots are the sign of skin damage and sun spots develop as a result of too much sun disclosure.


Unnecessary ultra violet rays coming from sun can result in painful sunburn. These rays penetrate deeply into layers of our skin and take life of our living cells.



By applying famous natural sun Block lotions you can get rid from harms of sun and ultraviolet rays. But diseases like Thrombocytopenia, petechiae, angioma require medical treatment.

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