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How To Make Makeup to Stay for Long Time

Makeup for Long Time

Nowadays women spend so much time on their makeup to look beautiful and flawless either they are going for any party, wedding or any professional meeting they want to present themselves perfectly everywhere. But the problem arises when their makeup become dull and loose freshness in a small time duration. Due to this problem they use to keep all their makeup kits with themselves for retouching but some times they don’t get chance for retouching also. In this article you will find some instructions and tips of makeup which make them long lasting.

Follow step by step:

  • Before starting makeup prepare your face for it by cleansing, washing and moisturizing. Makeup on dirty face causes flaky touch on your skin.
  • Use a good quality concealer on your face properly that all marks hide.
  • After applying concealer wait for few minutes to let it settle in your face.
  • After concealer chooses a foundation which matches your skin tone and apply it evenly to your face and blend it properly on your face and neck.
  • After foundation if you have oily skin then best is to apply face powder it helps to absorb oil from your face hence prevent your face to give oily look.
  • After applying foundation again wait for few minutes to let it settle on your skin.


For daily routine makeup above instructions helps a lot. You can further apply blush and light shade on your eyes to enhance your looks. But first follow above steps carefully then proceed further. Finish your makeup by applying any shade of lipstick you want in a proper way. if you are going for casual parties then better to choose light shades of lipstick and apply lip liner before lipstick to give your lipstick long lasting effect.


Tips and warning:

  • Select best quality products for your face.
  • Choose foundation according to your skin type and skin color.
  • For fresh look blot your makeup with tissue paper to avoid oil appears on your face and reapply little base if necessary.
  • If you are applying blush then go for cream blush as it has more resistant power then powder blush. cream blush are available in markets very easily and it gives you very cute looks.
  • Go for waterproof eye makeup for long lasting effect because eye makeup is more prone to get distract soon.
  • Apply foundation to your lips also as it give your lipstick a fresh look for long period.
  • Use of makeup primer is best as it extend your makeup freshness time by hours.
  • After moisturizing your face wait for 10 to 15 minutes to let it absorb properly on your skin and then apply foundation.
  • Avoid adding makeup to your face after few hours as it creates patches and look cakey.

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