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How to Choose the Right Liquid Foundation

Liquid Foundation

Foundation is an important and the basic part of your makeup, it gives you a spotless look and a finished appearance. Foundation serves as the building block of your makeup. They are available in cake, stick, and liquid form. Liquid foundation is used by many people nowadays because it gives you a natural looks, but its right selection is somewhat difficult. You must know how to choose a perfect liquid foundation for you so in this article you will find instructions of selecting liquid foundation.


Step 1:

Go to the bestseller of makeup: And there you ask for advice in choosing the best liquid foundation remember for makeup purchasing you always need the assistance of someone who can guide you.

Step 2:

Choose two to three types of liquid foundation according to your purchasing power and according to the advice of person who assist you. the choice should be according to color and skin type.

Step 3:

Moisturizing your face is recommended before applying any kind of foundation on your face so that it can penetrate on your skin and give clean and clear looks. So moisturize your face before testing foundation.

Step 4:

Put a little foundation of any from those two or three on sponge and apply it to your jaw line. Effects of testing make up best shows on your jaw line.

Step 5:

Blend it properly and have a look on mirror either it hides all your marks and matches with your skin tone. Observe it suits on your skin or not either it is too sticky or it’s fine. Check it properly under a fine light where you think your entire flaw will be visible. Best light for testing your foundation is sun light. But if sunlight is not present that white light helps a lot.

Step 6:

If you find and dissatisfaction then try other one you have selected in the same manner until you become fully satisfied. satisfaction is very important before buying any product for yourself if you are not satisfied with the product then you lose interest in it. so remember the element of satisfaction before purchasing.

Step 7:

You have a choice of blending two or more foundation of same properties but different shades to get the shade and tone you want. you can mix darker shades with light or lighter shades with medium or darker shades with medium.


Tips and warnings:

  • If you are blending two or more shades then select foundation of same company.
  • Do allergies test also before purchasing by applying a foundation on your face if you are new to that company before
  • Liquid foundation should be kept in cool and dry place.
  • Always take expert advice before purchasing any cosmetic.

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