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How to Apply Makeup for Beginners Step by Step

Makeup for Beginners

Make is not an easy thing to apply yet it is not so difficult to apply. All things are a matter of understandings, that how much you are familiar with the techniques of makeup applications. Teenagers or beginners are very much excited on how to apply makeup for perfect and beautiful looks.

Sometimes their excitement leads them to disappointment because they were unable to apply it correctly due to some simple mistakes. Beginners complain about so many things after doing their makeup that regardless of doing the steps exactly as other do they didn’t get the same looks so in this article to overcome their complains here are few steps through which you can get flawless, beautiful and elegant looks with makeup.


Step 1: The first thing you need to do is to prepare your skin for washing. Start with washing your face with soap or face wash to remove dirt, dust, or any foreign particles stick on your face.

Step 2: The second thing is to select the concealer to hide the marks or spots from your skin. Concealer should be match with your skin color so that when you apply it, which will give you even color or tone. Sometimes concealer works as foundation also its up to your own choice what you consider the most.

Step 3: After applying concealer, foundation is applied. Choose foundation one shade lighter then your skin tone for fairer look. Use foundation according to your skin type if you have dry skin then use liquid foundation or cream foundation and if you have oily skin then stick foundation is best. Blending is the main thing which should be done perfectly otherwise your foundation won’t gives you perfect flawless skin. Blend the foundation well and after blending go to the sunlight or white light to see whether you blend correctly or not.

Step 4: After foundation the next is to prompt your eyes. If you are doing makeup for daily routine then choose light color eye shadows, for day time follow the same recommendation but if your are going for night out parties or functions then you can use darker shades. Choice should be according to your skin tone and eye color whether you are using lighter shade or darker shades. After eye shadow apply eyeliner to define your eyes and give shape to your eyes. After liner apply kajal pencil. If you are applying thin eye liner then eye pencil should also be thin to give harmony with each other.

Step 5: Now come to mascara if you want to give your eyes bigger looks then apply mascara in somewhat upper direction and otherwise apply it normally. Give one coat of mascara to your lashes otherwise it will irritate you.

Step 6: Give shape to your eyebrows if your eyebrows are very light then use brown eyebrow pencil so that it won’t look artificial and gives your eyebrows natural look.

Step 7: The next step is to apply lipstick. If your are making your eyes darker and prominent then lipstick should be light and vise versa. Selection of lipstick should be based on your lip shape, your skin tone and of course your likes and dislikes should also be considered but sometimes what you likes doesn’t suits you so its better to choose one that suits you and gives you outstanding appearance. Lipstick color is the basis of whole makeup so be wise in selecting the color or shades. Apply lip liner to define your lips and it will also give boundary to your lipstick and it stay for long time.

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