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How Do I Get My Lipstick to Stay on all Day?

Lipstick to Stay on all Day

Spending your time in make up and then re touching your lipsticks after every hour is big problem specially for working women because without perfect lipstick your make up look dull thus give you very down looks. To get rid off this problem here are few tips which will help you a lot.


Hydrate your lips:

Drink a lot of water it will helps you in hydrating your lips. Hydrated lips are best suitable to lipsticks. You can also hydrate your lips by the help of wet tissue just moist the tissue and run over your lips then apply lipstick it will help your lipstick to stay for a long time.


Use of lip liner:

Lip liner has a capability to stay for a long time. Apply lip liner of same shade as your lipstick them apply lip stick to it.


Use a layering technique:

By using layering technique your lipstick give fresh look for long time. Simply apply lipstick as you do then press your lips with tissue paper don’t remove your lipstick, and then again apply a layer of lipstick over it.


Use of powder:

Apply a little of base powder you use for your face to lips then apply lipstick over it. It will give you best results of long lasting lipstick. But remember not to apply too much of powder as it will dry your lips and give your lips untidy looks.



Exfoliate your lips by using any of homemade products like mixture of sugar and honey to remove the dead skin and then apply lipstick to it. Dead skin is main reason for early removal of lipstick. after the removal of dead skin your lipstick look very smooth and it would be long lasting.


Tips and warnings:

  • Use matte lipsticks as they are best to stay whole day.
  • Don’t use too much powder as it will make patches on your lips.
  • Make habit of moisturizing your lips every night.
  • Be experimental with lipsticks. Try to experiment lipstick of different companies and stick to the one which suits you the best.
  • Avoid biting and licking your lips as it gives very bad look and cause infections on your lips. your lips become dark due to licking.

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