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Four Tools for Long-Haired Ladies

Long-Haired Ladies Tools

What a sexist title! Guys can have long hair too you know!! But they shouldn’t. If you’re a guy with long hair just have a long hard look at yourself…whilst getting a hair cut, they usually have mirrors there. I just improved your life.

That was a weird introduction. Shall we move on?

Now I’m not sure if this a scientifically tested truth-fact but I think girls with longer hair just seem to be that bit more obsessed with it. I used to have really short hair, like ‘shaved back of the head’ short. About three and half years ago, I endeavoured to start growing it out and I must say it has done remarkably well. I say that as if I put in any form of effort other than not cutting it. Well done me.

I now have (for want of a better descriptive term) boobies length hair and as my untested theory would suggest I am a bit obsessed with my hair. I think the problem with having long hair is that there is so much more that you can do with it.

I like wearing my hair down, I’m not sure why I just find that plaits and ponytails remind me of PE class and so I tend to avoid these styles otherwise the traumatic flashbacks start. Memories. Just drying your hair and leaving it down though is very boring so I have four heated instruments of beauty (or of torture if improperly used) that I love to mix up my look.


The Wide Straighteners

GHD Gold Max Styler
GHD Gold Max Styler

As I like just said like 5 seconds ago or like something like whatever I used to have like really really short hair…like. Stop it. I write about hair for a couple of minutes and already I can’t help talking like a cliched teenage girl.

I used to have those very thin GHDs which are fantastic and absolutely essential if you do have short hair. They are still useable if you have long hair it’s just that straightening your entire head will take you so long that by the time you’ve finished it will be about time to wash your hair again. I coped with these uber-thin plates for three years.

This Christmas I received the new GHD Max Gold Stylers which are the really wide plated GHDs. I can get all of my wavy, thick hair sleek and beautiful in 15 minutes. This has quite literally added hours to my daily life. It was like being given the gift of time and amazingly the gift of time is only £119. See, it doesn’t sound so expensive when I say it like that.

I don’t think I need to go into too much detail about straightening your hair but if you are thinking of upgrading your mark IVs to the new gold stylers I would recommend it. The plates of the gold stylers certainly feel much smoother and seem to glide better through my hair. I think that because of this my hair has been in a much better condition, there is just less drag and so I hope that they’re doing less damage. And they’re gold which is my favourite colour although that is highly irrelevant to you.

Full Styling Time: 15 minutes
Verdict: Absolutely Essential


The Waving Wand

Babyliss 2286U Waving Wand
Babyliss 2286U Waving Wand

There is not a single girl who doesn’t want the Pam Anderson in Baywatch, sexy, chilled-out, beach waves. It is the only look where the intention is for it to look completely effortless but it is in fact a nightmare to get right and involves an inordinate amount of salt spray and scrunching.

This waving wand from Babyliss is an excellent way to get the look absolutely perfect with really minimal effort. You wrap your hair around the wand and can get a relaxed wave in a couple of seconds on the highest heat setting so it really takes no time at all.

The waves will last all day and even with just a little salt spray ruffled through the style will hold up pretty well. Even if it doesn’t stay completely flawless all day, it really won’t matter because the aim is for you hair to look a little messy.

I love using the waving wand if I’m not intending to wash my hair the next morning. You can simply run a little bit of Moroccan Oil through your hair on the second day and the beach waves will still look fully intact.

As always with Babyliss, this was an absolute steal and I think that you can still pick it up on Amazon for around the £20 mark.

Full Styling Time: 20-25 minutes
Verdit: Excellent


The Little Curler

Remington 19mm Curling Tong
Remington 19mm Curling Tong

The curling tong pictured is ridiculously old. I think I got this when I was 13 or 14 as a Christmas present but as a real testament to the product and the brand as a whole it is still going strong.

This is a 19mm barrel curling tong and it creates those very tight ringlets. If you curl your entire head of hair from the roots to the ends and set madly with hairspray this will look a little bit crazy. The trick is to start about half way down the length of the hair and once curled I like to mess the curls up a bit so that they look more natural. Even having done your best to make this look natural, this will still be a very ‘done’ look and will be no way near as relaxed as the beachy waves.

This is a very pretty and girly look and definitely worth a try if you’ve not experimented with this before. As this is such a old product, I have researched the modern day equivalent which appears to be the Remington Keratin Therapy Pro Curl which retails for £29.99.

I know that a lot of ladies do not have a curling tong such as this because you can curl your hair with straighteners. That’s absolutely fine but I find that this is much quicker and you get a more pristine curl that lasts much longer.

Full Styling Time: 30-40 minutes
Verdict: Very Good


The Big Curler

Babyliss 2289U Glamour Waves Curling Tong
Babyliss 2289U Glamour Waves Curling Tong

I have a love-hate relationship with my Babyliss Glamour Waves Curling Tong. Tong is funny word isn’t it…Tong. Seriously, stop it.

The 38mm barrel gives voluminous and effortless curls with minimal work required however they do have a more than slight tendency to drop out. When I say they drop out, I don’t mean after an expected amount of time like a few hours. Even with lashings of hairspray the curls will be almost completely gone after an hour. This is disappointing as it is called ‘Glamour Waves’ but there is a good use for it and a reason why I have included it in this post.

So why have I chosen this as an essential hair tool? Because although the curls do not hold this will give you gorgeous volume which I find otherwise hard to achieve. I do find that for the benefit being volume alone this does take quite a while to use and so I definitely do not reach for this on a day to day basis. If I’m going out and I have the time to fuss over my hair I will use this because it just creates a very low maintenance and not too over-the-top look.

Full Styling Time: 40-45 minutes
Verdict: Good

What are your favourite tools to tame your mane?

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