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Exfoliation is for Everyone

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Annet King, director of Global Education for Dermatological at the International Dermal Institute says that dead Skin cells can absorb the Luster from the Skin, block the pores and highlight the lines on the face. With the increase in age, the Skin becomes dull and flakiness is seen on the Skin.

Excessive scrubbing and strong chemicals can also lead to damage an increase the sensitivity of Skin.


Exfoliation is good for following Skin types

  1. Oily Skin

    Exfoliation is good for Oily Skin as it fights against blocked pores.  Try to exfoliate the Skin with Jojoba beads; it controls the production of Oil.
    Don’t exfoliate more than once in a week. Dermatologists say that excessive scrubbing can lead to breakouts in Skin.

  2. Normal Skin

    King says, you are lucky, if your Skin is not very dry or Oily. Different exfoliation methods can be used for this type of Skin.

    Try to apply an Alpha-Hydroxy-Acid cleanser to skin and massage, it will help to get rid of cells of dead Skin. It will improve the Blood flow in the Skin, which will result in the shine on face.

    King says that exfoliation is best for the normal Skin in improving color tone and Texture.

  3. Sensitive Skin

    King says that sensitive Skins need softer Skin products. Try to avoid Strong Exfoliate like Glycolic Acid, it can quickly absorb in to the Skin.

    Try to apply the Exfolinats that may not irritate the Skin.

    Wet the face, apply Skin product on the face and then massage in the circular direction with soft hands. If you will massage hardly, your Skin will become Red.

    Massage, once in a week would be enough.

    You can also add Vitamin-A to your Skin product, it will enhance the renewal of Cells and production of Collagen.

Few Tips for Sensitive Skin

Following are few useful tips for the sensitive Skin, which will be really helpful in making your Skin smooth and beautiful

  1. Tanzi says, try to give the time of about 2 weeks to your Skin to get adjust with the routine of Exfoliation before switching to some other product. It will reduce the chances of irritation and rashes on the Skin.
  2. Try to use the Acids like Retinols, Vitamin C etc at night because they are sensitive to Sun.
  3. Try to wait for at least 3 days between Exfoliation and removing Facial Hairs, sometimes it can lead to Skin burn.
    Exfoliation is good for almost all Skin types and should be a part of every one’s life for their Skin care.

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