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Elegant Face is Possible through Contouring

Contouring Face Makeup

Makeup is the art of presenting your face prime feature beautifully while hiding unwanted spots. Countering is another branch related to makeup and very effective in makeover. Women have different shaped face from round to square and triangular to oval. Every woman wants to present her face smart and attractive and they consider makeup as a great help in that. Round shaped and square shaped women specially focus on countering so they can achieve the look like models. Women face this problem specially while capturing snaps on some party or event. Of course you never want to look fat in your favorite friend’s party pictures. We see astonishing models in magazines having great feature just because of skillful contouring done by makeup artist.

Now a day, everyone known with makeup art and the techniques used for foundation applying. Contouring is similar to that but you need to know some facts about face. Your jaw bone and nose are the main parts which involves in contouring and by applying darker shade of bronze in right direction you can avail smart look at face through make up.


Brushes – the tools for Contouring

Firstly, you must have good quality brush kit having all the necessary kinds of brushes. Contouring is all about playing with bronze shade with help of right chosen brush. You will need different kind of brush for different parts of face. No worries, you can purchase a compact nice kit of all required brushes from market. A standard kit comes with three blushes on brushes of 3 different sizes, one or two eye shader brush, an eyebrow and lash comb and a tiny edged brush for liner maintain. Some advance kits also have sponge for blending and other modern utilities. You will possibly play with three sizes brushes while contouring. So consider them must in your kit.
If you are unable to find bronze matte shades in market then simply go for darker foundation than your skin tone. Foundation will give you equal results as bronze.


Contour with Dark matte Bronze

As said earlier you need some dark shade of bronze up to 3 tones to create shadow illusion around your face. Basically the technique is creating ‘E’ on your right side and a 3 on left with dark shades of bronze. Start with skull bone and bring the brush dragging it towards jaw bone touching cheek bone and then spreading shade horizontally flat on jaw bone till the chin. Use the medium size brush at this stage. Blend it well with sponge or big blush on brush. Feel the shadow of bronze around your face. You will surely get the smart look by following this procedure.


Shaping up Nose

Women wonder about sleek and steady nose of models on ramp and at photo shots. And often compare their big huge nose. Solution is right here. Contouring is the skill that makes celeb’s face ideal for you. It is quite simple. Apply dark bronze shade vertically starting with nose bone and dragging till both sides of nose. Puff with blush on brush to blend well. Important thing is never apply bronze shade on bridge of nose or at center but apply on sides. Contour tip of nose lightly with bronze shaping it like ‘A’. It will more classify your tip of nose.


Glorify Face core Features

Creating shadows around face will look shady and quite dull. Add character in your focal features by some shimmer or highlighter. Key features on your face are center nose area, forehead and cheek bone inner side. Use liquid cream or best is highlighter for add shine on these features. Use big size brush, dip in highlighter powder but not too much and apply on cheeks upper side joining with center Nose Bridge. Apply some on center forehead and blend it well. Using cream needs extra care because of its wet effect so absorb it well with light pressure on finger tips. You are ready for rest of the makeup. Apply appropriate eye shades and lip color and rejoice the model look at party.

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