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Without Lipstick! Makeup is Always Incomplete

Without Lipstick

Every woman wants to look good. Lips play a vital role in attractive and beautiful look. Make up is always incomplete without the lipstick. No matter how beautifully you’ve done make up if you don’t wear the lipstick your makeup won’t give the desire look. Companies have manufactured lipsticks with lots of varieties, every shade of color and types are available in the market. Matte lipstick is without shimmer and dry and it stays longer on your lips. Molded lipsticks are shiny and bright. This article is all about giving you the information about lipsticks their benefits and how to carry different kinds of lipsticks.


Matte Lipstick!

Most of the young woman likes to use matte lipsticks as they give a tremendous looks, gives a dry feeling, they are solid in color and it stays longer on your lips. Older women may don’t like this lipstick because they already have dry skin and look so they prefer shiny lipstick to look good. Many women prefer to use matte lipstick as it stays longer and then they apply a gloss on it for a bit shiny look.


Benefits of Matte Lipstick

Matte lipstick also helps to prevent your lips from infections and cracks, as it contains Vitamin E and mango butter. It gives you a very bold and bright look. Bold and bright women look attractive.


Ingredients of Matte Lipstick

The companies use natural and synthetic products like crushed shells, iron, lead and plants to give it a dull look. They don’t use wax or oil in the lipstick as they are dry in nature.


Ingredients of Molded Lipstick

Moisturizing ingredients are used in molded lipsticks to give shine and wet look. They also use paraffin wax, beeswax, carnauba wax, different kinds of oil and sometimes cocoa butter to give a shiny, sticky look as well as to protect lips from dryness, and cracks. No need of applying gloss.


When should wear Matte Lipstick or Molded Lipstick

Matte lipstick are better to use at night, evening or in dark places where the dull effect of lips look good, while on the other hand molded lipstick should be used in a bright day which also gives a bright and shiny look to your face. You should carry every fashion according to its demand so you will look good and you won’t be the odd one out!


Lipstick with a glossy effect

It is a lipstick with glossy effects. They contain various moisturizing ingredients, wax, petroleum jelly and different kinds of oil to give a shiny, glossy, and wet look. Many flavors and kinds are available in the market.


Lipstick with creamy effect

Crème lipsticks contains more oil than matte lipsticks, it gives a bit of creamy look. Wax is used mostly used in it to give it a creamy look. This also prevents your lips from drying and cracks.


Lipstick with shimmering effect

This lipstick is a mixture of crème lipstick with the shimmering effects on your face it includes the ingredients that give a shimmering effect to the lips in the light.



If you are applying matte lipstick in a day and you have to go in the direct sunlight try to apply lip balm with sun protection features to protect your lips.

Apply transparent or light color gloss on the matte lipstick to give a shiny look.

Scrub or exfoliate your lips to remove the dead cells from lips as matte lipstick has a dry effect, dead cells will be visible and it will look untidy instead of looking good. Applying sugar mixed with honey is also an effective recipe to give your lips a smooth look.

You can apply petroleum jelly or lip balm first on the lips and then apply matte lipstick to give a smooth look.

Try to use lip brush when applying matte lipstick this will help in giving a neat and tidy look to the lips.

For the best results make a lip line with the help of a pencil or brush, so that lipstick won’t fall outside the lips.

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