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The Beautiful/Creative Weekend Reconfiguration


It is counterintuitive to be productive on a weekend; I’m too hard-pressed to get out of bed and depending on how ruthless the past week has been, my brain falls into varying stages of incompetence. I’d elaborate but there are just better things to write about today….like my plan to write an entry every week to get this site back on track.


Seems a little far-fetched for someone who disappears for a month only to return with feeble, guilt-ridden hellos and a long ass entry about what went down on, say, Valentine’s Day (nothing but brunch with a girlfriend happened goddamnit). But bear with me. This is my last year of uni, my last year of freedom, so to speak, before I proceed with the slow, painful recipe for corporate success: shackling myself to a desk and what would likely be a computer running on Windows. I need to utilise this time carefully: do more writing for my portfolio, get to know the other Singapore and Melbourne-based bloggers, read and allow myself to dream a little.


Writing doesn’t come easy for me. It’s one of the scariest things I’ve chosen to do since I constantly live in fear of the blank screen. Half a bar of chocolate and 3 cups of extra strong English breakfast tea: that’s what I had to eat/drink to write this and I know the process will never get any easier. But as long as I wait for the right conditions and my writer’s muse to reappear – I’m not going to get anything done. Weekends are best for sleeping in, but also for waking up to do the best creative work of your life.


Today I’ll be reading issue 27 of Dumbo Feather, an Australian indie magazine that interviews people we ought to know, from chocolatiers, stylists, bakers, to publishers. Next to it, a milky cup of China Jasmine tea. Tea is my favourite therapist and drink but I also like taking the weekend crash therapy session by piling more sweet-scented beauty products on my face.


My friend, Felix, bought me a tube of Aesop’s Rosehip Seed Lip Cream for Christmas with an insinuating note which said “Ilyana, Because I know you like things that squirt or ooze”. The lip cream’s been difficult to live without in this heatwave Melbourne’s been having, it’s very nourishing and I won’t be surprised if I run out when I actually need it the most – winter.


This damned weather has also sucked the moisture out of my face so I’ve been remedying it by massaging Weleda’s Wild Rose Facial Oil capsules into my skin. It smells like a $200 bottle of perfume but every time I use this, I’ll be on automatic house arrest because the oils won’t absorb into the skin until several hours later. This is my plan for a creative Saturday, what will you be doing today? (Someone share brunch stories and make me jeals, please).
Oh I forgot to mention I’m currently freelancing for inSing.com so here are some shameless self-promos/recommended readings for your weekend:


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3) How to Shop on Gmarket Like a Pro
Image credit: Elise Crombez, Vogue Netherlands Dec 2012.

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