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Tarte Amazonian Clay blush pick-me-up


I’m loving the Tarte Amazonian Clay long-wear blushes lately! I’m not sure what it is that really draws me to them, but every time I’m at Sephora, I manage to have one in my grubby little hand when I enter the check-out line.

Maybe it’s the idea that it’s a clay blush, and for me, that’s something totally different than what I’m used to (and I reeealllyyy like different)! Or maybe it’s because all of the colors are so gorgeous, I can’t help myself….

Literally, ALL of the clay blush colors are heavenly. I haven’t met a shade I don’t like at all!! This is good news for my cheeks, and bad news for my wallet, but hey…it’s the little things, right??

This particular blush is in the shade “Blissful”, and I’m in love with it! Calling all peach fans!! Yes, dolls, this is your blush :0) It’s such a beautiful peachy-pink-coral blush, right up my alley, as I’m definitely a self-proclaimed peach-a-holic.

The pigmentation of the blush is a wee bit on the light side, but with the right application, it will actually last quite a long time. Tarte claims that it lasts upwards of 12 hours, but I found it lasting near 8 before I felt it was time to reapply (and no, believe it or not, I’m not running marathons with my blush on).

I did my best to get a good swatch in natural daylight to show it’s genuinely beautiful coloring:On the far left is the swatch to show building ability, on the right is the regular application with a brush:


Overall, they are very pretty on, and last quite a bit longer than many other blushes I’ve tried.

As for the price, they’re a little steep at $25 a piece, but by usage, I’d say they will last just as long as a any other high-end blush.

There are 8 available colors; Amused (bright pink), Blissful (warm peach), Blushing Bride (plumy rose), Dollface (light pink), Exposed (nude), Flush (deep berry), Natural Beauty (muted strawberry red) and Tipsy (Coral) and are all available at Sephora Stores or Sephora.com.

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