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New MAC stuff and my secret treasure trove of shoes.


The MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection is finally out in Singapore! I’ve been waiting for this collection for a month now and I was so scared they were only going to release it here after I move to Melbourne but thankfully someone up there in the MAC offices RECOGNIZED they would be losing a major customer i.e me soon so they finally had the displays set up for me to make my last purchases before I say sayonara.

The collection wasn’t really much of a big deal to me but OMG the lipstuff are must-haves imo! I originally intended to get only the MAC lustre lipstick in Myself from the collection but ended up buying the Glamour For All lipglass as well because it was surprisingly so pretty in the tube >_>


I think Myself is going to be an instant sell-out. I’m not fond of the lustre lipsticks (I think they lack pigmentation) but this is such a great mauve-pink nude color so I was willing to ignore the lacklustre formula lol *_*


I think Glamour For All and Myself should be bought in a set because they look so good on your lips together! One reason why I bought Glamour For All was so that I could counteract Myself’s icky formulation with a nicely pigmented nude lipglass. The gloss itself is a very milky light pink with beige undertones ;D


Lip swatch! Erk honestly I think lip swatches are scary because like whoa where did the rest of my face go lol? Anyway, this is Myself and Glamour for All worn together on the lips. I think they make an amazing nude lip combo!


Non-MAC but still awesome purchase: the MUFE HD Powder!! WITHOUT A DOUBT, MY FAVE PURCHASE OF THE MONTH! Omg this is such an amazing loose powder, it makes your skin feel like silk and sets your make-up perfectly! I actually wanted to get the MAC Prep + Prime powder because it was $20 cheaper but I compared both textures side by side on my hand and i’m sry2say MUFE wins. The Prep + Prime powder feels like any loose powder but the MUFE is like godly, epic and all that. I’ll do an in-depth review once I’ve actually used this for a longer period of time but omg love love love loveeee.

So packing’s been kinda slowwwww, I took out all my shoes from their secret hiding space yesterday and FMLLLLLLLLL I HAVE SO MANY LOL. Ok not really but WTF, this is crazy – I can’t possibly bring them all. Urghhh my heart is in shambles now as I try to decide what pairs to bring and what pairs to go back into hiding ;__;


Omg my fave pair of heels. They’re from MANGO and I got them on sale for $80? They are so fricking cute, I like the very Moschino bow. They’ve got a pale wooden 4.5″ heel to match the white and they’re really really comfortable, I swear on Carine Roitfeld. SO bringing this.


My pretend Louboutins! Christian Louboutin sells a pair of heels exactly like this one but I think it was phased out a couple of seasons ago. Whatever. Classics don’t ever die. These are from GUESS and again, they were on sale for $40 I think? They’re about half a size too big tho but I don’t really care lol. 4″ heel, patent black finishing, classic cut = MUST BUY OR LIVE A LIFE FILLED WITH ENDLESS REGRET.


Lol oh the days when Melissas were all the rage~ I’m not too fond of this pair, I only bought it because it was $15 (they used to cost maybe $70? can’t remember) but I do like how they designed the arch, it’s kinda sexy.


ZARA pumps! I actually forgot I even had these LOL. I love the woodsy color and the round toe. There’s nothing sexier than a round toe!


EEK MY NINE WEST WEDGES <3 <3 <3 They’re a blatant rip-off the Yves Saint Laurent ones I talked about and omg they’re the highest pair of shoes I’ve ever bought with the treated cork wedge heel coming in at just under 5″.


I LOVEEEEE the whole unfinished distressed marker look, this is ART people!


My spaceman heels! My pretend Nicholas Kirkwoods lol minus the funky sloping platform heel! Again, they’re from MANGO with a heel height of 4.75″ – I think MANGO makes the BEST heels ever, they’re so comfy! /o/ Unfortunately last season’s shoes were horrendous so I didn’t get a pair during their recent sale.


It may look bulky at the front but the crazy pointy heel makes it really streamlined actually.


The prettiest shoes I’ve ever bought…..sad to say tho they hurt like a bitch! They look so fricking beautiful on and I feel like I own the world for a good half hour before I turn mortal again and start wincing in pain. This pair’s from Zara, a Givenchy knock-off from 3-4 seasons ago. I suspect I’m only going to wear this out when a) I’m doing an event with virtually no walking around involved and all I have to do is sit and look pretty b) I get a boyfriend with a car.

I have a couple more pairs of heels not shown in this entry because a) I’ve already featured them here b) when I saw my other shoes…I died a little inside, WHAT WAS I THINKING WHEN I BOUGHT THEM O.M.G?!

Btw Alia, if you’re reading this – do you want that pair of red wedges I showed you a couple of months back? They don’t fit me anymore and since I’m the best cousin you’ll ever have™ (Nadz doesn’t count because she doesn’t have an epic shoe collection like I do), you get first dibs.
Ok gotta get back to packing, catch you all soon!
first img credit: mac cosmetics

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