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My Favourite: Burberry’s Ruby Lipstick


I love red lipstick but I suppose wearing it is not without consequences: sometimes you run the risk of being branded a harlot by mothers in their 40s when dining in a family restaurant. It is a colour that requires boldness, a necessary shift in attitude, and hinges on a precise application with a good lip brush if it is to be worn at all. The basic principle? If you think you can pull it off, you can, and if you think you can’t, you can’t. Confidence is as important as disregarding the fear of what everyone might think of the scarlet on your lips.


My favourite red is Burberry’s Ruby Lipstick: it’s a bright, cool-toned red with a satin finish that’s moisturising and comfortable to wear. With its exorbitant price tag, it should be just sayin’. In my FOTD, I layered Ruby with a bit of clear gloss mixed with MAC’s Melon pigment just to see what it looked like – red and gold is always a beautiful combo whether you celebrate Christmas or not, oui? ;D In my Spring Break Beauty Essentials post, I listed Covergirl’s Liquiline Blast as the best tool for a minimalist’s smokey eye.


My FOTD is proof of that lol – my eye make-up only consists of two eyeliners, Liquiline Blast in Brown Blaze and SAVVY’s Soft Glide eyeliner in Glitzy Gold, all smudged out with the brush end of the Liquiline Blast. Brown eyeliner is often overlooked but I think it’s dreamier and beautiful against our Asian eyes. With strong, carefully filled-in lips, it’s always nice to keep the eyes soft, imperfect and almost romantic maybe? It’s an entirely different mood from my Summertime Sadness FOTD, for example, with my dramatic black eyeliner and dark lips. That look also features another Burberry Lipstick, Brick Red, a deeper red with brown undertones so check out that FOTD if you want a comparison against Ruby!


I haven’t found a drugstore alternative to Burberry’s Ruby yet but I do love Kate Moss x Rimmel’s lipstick in 001, seen above in the first photo. That photo used to be my twitter profile picture and I always, always get asked what lipstick I have on in it! 001 is a similar blue-toned red that’s about 2 shades darker than Ruby. It’s the perfect crimson actually and at a fantastic price point (AUD$9 on ASOS), it’s a lipstick every red lipstick fiend should get.


And if you’re new to red lipstick and want a sorta stepping stone before investing in a full blown red-red, might I suggest Revlon’s Lip Butter in Candy Apple? I’m wearing it in the second photo and it’s a non-threatening coral red that works well as an everyday lipstick. Unfortunately, it’s not available in Singapore but you can easily get it off Drugstore.com. There’s also Cherry Red, another Revlon Lip Butter shade you can find in Singapore. It’s a more muted, shimmery red but if I am to be really honest with you, I don’t like it as much – the shimmery Lip Butter shades are more drying and feel very gritty on the lips after 1-2 hours of wear so I’d stay away and stick with the non-shimmer ones.


I’m always looking out for new reds to try so please let me know in the comments what your favourite red lipstick is! 😉

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