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Look Your Best with This Simple Beauty Routine

Simple Beauty Routine

Looking beautiful and attractive all the time is desired by each and every one of us. One dreams of a flawless, blemish-free glowing skin, hair and body all the times but not all of us are blessed with perfect skin and this is the reason why a number of beauty regimes are followed by women in order to look their best at all times. Yes, following a beauty routine is essential in order to maintain texture and tone of the skin and hair but undertaking a beauty routine shouldn’t be confused with indulging into endless cosmetic products. Keeping your beauty routine simplistic will not just save your time but would even protect your skin from the side-effects caused by the use of several cosmetics.

We know that planning out a beauty regime is a tricky task and thus in order to help you out, we’ve come up with the most amazing beauty tips from leading hair dressers in Birmingham (Benessere) that you need to include in your beauty routine in order to look your best:

Face cleansing

Face cleansing

A clean and supple face is definitely a pre-requisite for having a beautiful skin and attractive face, thus face cleansing is extremely important. Always use a mild face cleanser for washing your face and don’t wash your face repeatedly because it will dry out your facial skin and would make it look dull. Massage the cleanser lightly and use lukewarm water for washing it out.

Stay away from excessive exfoliation and limit use of moisturizers

Stay away from excessive exfoliation and limit use of moisturizers

Most of the beauty experts keep on emphasizing on the importance of following a routine based on exfoliation and moisturization of facial skin but friends, the use of both these products depend on your own personal skin condition and place you are staying at. If you live in a warm and humid location, then we would advise you to happily skip the use of moisturizers because it would make your skin greasy which is undesirable. Instead one should go in to use quality sunscreen and religiously include it in one’s beauty routine. Exfoliate only twice a week in order to maintain skin’s natural texture and tone.

Beautiful hair

Beautiful hair

Your facial beauty would certainly hold no meaning until you are in possession of beautiful and healthy locks. Hair is often considered as the jewel of a woman without which she doesn’t look attractive. So no matter how short or long your hair are, make sure that they are kept clean and are trimmed regularly, avoid over-shampooing as it dries out your scalp and may even cause dandruff. Use conditioners that are mild on your hair and apply natural ingredients such as vinegar and yoghurt on your hair at least once a week for increased shine and smoothness.

Skip extra cosmetics

Skip extra cosmetics

If you look at your makeup kit just now, you’ll see that maximum numbers of items are not even used by you in daily routine. Thus we would advise you to get rid of the trash that is not good enough for you and your skin anymore. Secondly, invest in those beauty products that can be doubled up i.e. used in different ways. For instance, you can double up your mascara as eye brow pencil while your kohl pencil can be used as eyeliner.

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