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Lip Liners! To Make Your Lips Prominent and Beautiful

Lip Liners

By applying lip lines lips give an effect of tidiness and its prominent the lips a lot. It looks attractive with the lipstick. Every woman wants to look good, lip liner is an additional cosmetic to look good and shine.

Basic function of lip liner is to keep the lipstick inside of the outline so lipstick doesn’t fall out of the lips and look untidy.

Types of Lip Liner

Various types of lip liners are available in the market, the most perfect easy to handle lip liner is in the shape of a pencil, it’s quite easy to use, you just have to draw an outline with a pencil, to shape up your lips. Others are in the form of lip paint, lip smudge and permanent lip liner. There are also lip liners with a shimmering effect but it should be blend very well with the lipstick.

Choosing the best Lipstick & Lip Liner

While choosing lip liners always choose lipsticks first and look for the liner that suits with the lipstick and make a good combination or mix with it well so it doesn’t look odd. Always buy lipstick shades and liners what suits you best. Don’t always go for the fashion as it can be a disaster on your face.

Lip Liner according to the skin tone

There are 3 basic types of skin tones; fair, medium and dark. Analyze your skin tone and then find the best lip liner that suits your skin tone.

  • Fair skin tone: For the fairer skin suitable colors are coral, nude and pink. If you have a pale skin tone use of cherry red color lip liner would suit you better.
  • Medium Skin tone: Use of blushes rose; mauves lip liner will suits you the best For medium color skin, try to select blushes, rose, mauves lip liner.
  • Darker or Black Skin tone: Purple, brown or dark shades would suit this kind of skin tone. If you prefer shiny or wet look, apply lip gloss on the lipstick.


Red Color

Red color lip liner or bright red lipstick doesn’t suits everybody so try to wear this color in the day or bright light or if it doesn’t suit you, try to avoid using it.

Safest Lip Liner for the Lips

We should always avoid cosmetics with harmful chemical and if any cosmetic is available in organic form we should always go for it, as it is not harmful for the skin or lips. There are organic lip liners available in the market, buy those and the risk for skin infection will be lesser.

Tip for Lipstick to last longer than usual

If you have to go out and wants your lipstick to stay longer here’s a simple tip. Apply lip liner first make an outline, then apply lip smudge on the lips then apply lipstick gently. This will help the lipstick to stay longer.

Lip Liners are good for Thin Lips

Use lip liner of the darker shade than the lipstick and make a good outline it will make the lips prominent and a bit thicker look. Applying gloss is an additional benefit.

Directions to apply

If you have dry lips always apply petroleum jelly, lip balm first on the lips, it will give smoothing effect. Then make an outline with lip liner, apply lipstick in the end.
Start with the upper lip, make your upper outline first then apply it on the lower lip.
If you want your lipstick to stay longer, apply lip liner before the lipstick on the lips so if lipstick is removed lip liner will be there under the lipstick as it stays for longer period.


  • Before buying cosmetics always check the expiry date, expired cosmetics can harm your skin badly and will result in skin infections.
  • If the weather is hot out there put your lip liner in the fridge before using, because if its melting the outline will look a bit untidy.
  • Always use sharper lip liner pencil.

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