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How to Get Smoother Skin that Glows

Smoother Skin that Glows

Smooth skin means to have clear, silky and soft skin without any dark spots, roughness, wrinkles, dullness and any sign of aging. Every woman wants to look beautiful some has God gifted beauty but others use cosmetics and other beauty treatments to achieve their dreams. Every women had a dream to look such a beautiful that every man turn to see her. Now a days there are thousands of beauty creams available in a market and even they are much expensive but women’s buy them because women have craze to look beautiful and are much conscious about their looks and their skin.


Every woman wants her skin to look smooth and glowing without any mark on it. Beauty creams available in market have no magic which can make a person beautiful in few days. They have large number of chemicals that give temporary smoothness and glow and cause damage to your skin cells which we even can’t realize by seeing your face in mirror. To avoid all these women should use home made remedies made from natural products which are not harmful and are more efficient.


Treatment to have smooth skin:

There is a simple and easy treatment to get smooth skin.

Step 1
Blend 2 to 3 bananas.
Step 2
Add little quantity of milk in it.
Step 3
Apply this paste on your face for at least 15 to 20 minutes.
Step 4
Wash it with cold or normal water.
After this treatment you will feel that your skin becomes soft.


Treatment for Glow and Smoothness:

To have glowing skin honey is the best thing. Honey makes your skin glow.By applying honey on your face you can reduce your wrinkles. Honey makes your skin tights and smooth.


Diseases on Skin:

Some common diseases which took place on your skin are Blemishes, Acne, Rashes, Wrinkles, Sunburn.


Medical Treatments:

Nowadays there are many medical treatments for these diseases like laser, laser surgery and there are many creams available in market which reduces these diseases but after a little passage of time their signs again start increasing. To get permanent relief you should use some natural treatments to get perfect and smooth skin.


Natural Treatment for Blemishes:

To get rid of blemishes and scars potatoes are used. Potato is a vegetable which is present in every kitchen. For scars and blemishes cut a potato into slices and then apply them on your face for maximum 10 minutes and then remove them after this your blemishes were start reducing.


Natural Treatment for Acne:

Some home ingredients and some fruits have such quality in them that we even cant thought. For acne grapes are paramount and easiest cure.

Step 1
Take 3 to 4 grapes.
Step 2
Cut them into two pieces.
Step 3
Rub their flesh over your face for 10 minutes.
Step 4
Wash your face.


Natural Treatments for Rashes:

Rashes are your skin inflammation. Rashes affect your skin and cause change in your skin texture and color. For rashes olive oil is most effective cure. Olive oil contains curative properties in it. By applying olive oil on infected area we can get relief from rashes.


Natural Treatment for Wrinkles:

Wrinkles are signs of aging. Wrinkles are because of loss of moisture and elasticity in your body. By applying lemon juice several times a day you can get rid of wrinkles.
Coconut oil also removes wrinkles by applying it on wrinkled skin.


Natural Treatment for Warts:

Warts are of different shapes and of different sizes. Warts usually appear as rough elevations on the skin. Aloe Vera is commonly used to treat skin conditions such as warts and burns. By applying Aloe Vera gel you can get rid of warts.


Natural Treatment for Sunburn:

Sunburn occurs when your skin get much exposed to ultraviolet rays coming from sun. Fresh cold milk can provide quite to the pin caused because of red sunburn.


Step 1
Take about one third of a cup of cold milk into a bowl.
Step 2
Dip cotton into cold milk.
Step 3
Apply it on sunburned skin.
After this you will feel that your sunburn is less red now.

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