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How Good is Your Manicure? My Top 7 Tips For Choosing Your Salon

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Manicures are most beauty salons bread and butter service, most ladies will want a manicure along with additional services such as gel nails, acrylic, shellac nails, or nail art. Whilst paying for these services many ladies don’t actually know what makes for a good manicure? How do they know they’re getting their moneys worth from their salon, and most of all, how do they know they’re getting a good job done?

Before having your next manicure here are my top 7 tips you need to think about to decide whether you’re getting the right manicure from your salon.

1. Does it enhance your nails?

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Image Source: http://www.nadyana.com/nail-care-tips-gel-manicure/

You want to make sure your nails are being looked after and enhanced otherwise there’s not much point getting them done. Your salon should shape the nails, remove dead cuticles and trim the dead skin along the side of the nails. They should also nourish the skin and nails with lotion, wax or balm to make them soft and smooth. A really good salon will also include a hand massage to aid circulation making your nails stronger, happier and healthier.

2. Do they offer a Spa manicure?

Manicure Nail Spa

A spa manicure will give you a full experience that pampers the nails but also the entire body. Using a special massage chair for the overall pamper experience you can also often have hot stone manicures which is done by placing hot stones on your hands whilst having your manicure.

3. Do they damage your nails?

No salon should be rough with your nails, if they become chipped then it means that their cleaning is being too hard or the substances they’re using are too harsh and are damaging your nails.

4. Are they using clean materials?

A professional salon should always use sterilised equipment and materials. If they’re not sterlising their equipment then it begs the question – how many other clients have those nail cutters, files or nippers gone through, removing dirt and germs from the other customers and then going onto your nails without being sterilised or cleaned. It can lead to infections and is poor practice so be very wary if a salon looks like they’re not cleaning or sterlising equipment thoroughly after each client.

5. How well trained is your nail technician?

Cleaning your nails is something that anyone can do, but a trained nail technician will do it safely. You want to go with a manicurist who has had training for at least 6 months so you know they’ve improved their skills and knowledge on nails, nail art and manicure techniques and cleanliness.

6. Do they use quality nail polish or Shellac?

If your salon uses nail polish that chips easily then it’s not very good quality. Some higher quality polish use enhancing vitamins to care and strengthen the nails. Cheaper polish can dry and damage the nails in time. A lot of high quality salons will offer Shellac Nail Art which is a porous, very high quality polish with similar quality to gel nails.

7. Do they offer any extra advanced services?

You can often get an idea of what the salon specialises in by what extra services they offer. If they offer fun or crazy nail art as extras then your nail technician is most likely very creative and will give you vibrant nails in your manicure. If they offer spa treatments then you’re more likely to have a sensual manicure.

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