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Exotic Makeup

Makeup is one the easiest and fun way to enhance the appearance of any women. Whether it’s full on glam or simple natural look, women love applying makeup for enhanced look. Applying makeup is literally like painting a blank canvas and you can just play around with makeup. Natural and nude look is preferred more for daily wear but if you are looking for something new then you should try the latest “Exotic Makeup Trend”. This trend is hitting the runway and it’s the hottest trend to try now.

What Is Exotic Makeup?

Exotic Makeup

“Exotic” means attractive/striking because of bold colors. So, exotic makeup is all about bright and striking colors and as they as “the bolder the better”. This makeup is perfect for ladies who want to be the center of attraction without much effort. Trying this trend is not at all difficult and it’s all about experiments. We’re making it extra easy for you all to try this “Exotic Makeup Trend” by following these tips and tricks. You just need to kick your confidence into high gear and start following these tips.

Winged Eyeliner:

Winged Eyeliner

Winged eyeliner is the perfect way to get alluring and sultry look instantly. But doing it with black eyeliner is very common and if you want to add “exotic” touch in your makeup then try the winged eyeliner with a twist. For exotic makeup, use colorful bright glittery eyeliners which are easily available in the market. Try to keep the wings long and thick. You can also add twist by doing “double winged” eyeliner look using glittery eye pencils and then highlighting between the wings for more precise application. Bigger wings give more tribal and dramatic look. Lining the crease area also gives exotic touch to the look and it’s inspired by 60’s style. Simply apply eyeliner with small stroked on the crease line and you’re done.

Colorful Eyeshadow:

Colorful Eyeshadow

When we talk about make-over, eye makeup plays an extremely important role. Exotic eye makeup is not like the regular eye makeup, it’s colorful, striking, eye catching, bold and attractive. Exotic makeup is all about bright colors like yellows, oranges, reds, green, bright blue, purple etc. Use bright colors because then only you’ll be able to achieve the exotic makeup look perfectly. You can use single or two eyeshadow at the same time but don’t use more than two otherwise you’ll look like a clown. Finish your look by curling your lashes and applying with multiple layers of mascara. You can also use false lashes for a sexy look.


Glitters Makeup

Exotic makeup is all about glitters. Glitter eyeliners, glittery eyeshadow, glittery manicure and glitter face but make sure you don’t overdo the glitters on your face. If you are using glitters then use them only at one place and don’t go over-board. You can use chunky eyeshadow, glittery nail paints to achieve the exotic makeup look without looking over-the-top.

Tan Skin:

Tan Skin

Tanned or sun kissed bronzed look is always associated with exotic makeup look. Pale skin will never give you the desired exotic look you want to achieve. If you are blessed with tanned olive skin then exotic look can be achieved effortlessly. But if you have pale skin tone then you can use self-tanner or bronzes to get the tanned bronzed look instantly.

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