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Blue Lagoon Product Reviews

Blue Lagoon Product Reviews

I was given this as a gift from my brother and his wife. They went to the Blue Lagoon with a few people from his work were they had dinner and went to the spa. They each got this as a gift to take home and this is the face treatment that they got in the spa. I guess my brother didn’t want his so they gave it to me and I was very pleased to have it.

For those who don’t know the Blue Lagoon, it’s a lagoon in Iceland. It did not come there from natural causes. It was in fact formed during operation in 1976 at the nearby geothermal power plant. A few years later people started bathing in the water and found it really good for the skin. People here in Iceland that have psoriasis, are often told by their doctors to go to the Blue Lagoon to help them get better.

The Blue Lagoon has now both a spa, restaurant and stores. The place looks really nice and I would love to go there someday for a spa treatment and to the restaurant.


But now I’m going to give you a little review on these products. Bare in mind that I’m only giving them first impression reviews. These are all samples and this is what was in the bag:

  • Instructions (in english)
  • Headband
  • Icelandic formula Cleanser & toner
  • Silica Mud Mask
  • Algae mask
  • Anti-aging eye cream
  • Rich nourishing cream
  • Mineral moisturizing cream
  • Algae & mineral body lotion


I believe there was supposed to be Mineral face exfoliator in it too but either I lost it, my brother and his wife didn’t keep that in the bag or it was never in the bag.

To start off with I have to say the package looks really nice. It’s minimal, white and blue colours that fit perfectly with the Blue Lagoon colours. When you go to the Blue Lagoon you are in the blue water and putting on silica white mud mask. They catch the feeling.

Now to the review. I putted on the Headband and it has a really long velcro inside, so it should fit all head sizes. It’s nice to have it so nothing goes in your hair. I will probably be using it in the future when I’m using any masks. I didn’t find it in their web store though…

The Icelandic Cleanser & formula is a yellow sheer fluid that you put in a cotton pad and stroke it over your face. It was really nice and it cleaned my face so well. I was so surprised to see all the foundation that was left after I had cleaned my face before. It is very mild and that’s really good for my skin, because I have a sensitive skin.

I tried out both of the masks. I liked the Silica Mud Mask. It starts off as there’s not much on but when it dries out, it turns white.

Blue Lagoon products

They recommend that you put the Algae mask on too. That is green and didn’t show on my face so much but since it was in a ,,bag” I decided to give my boyfriend a face treatment too, to be able to use it all.

I didn’t like it as much. I had a sting-y feeling in my face straight away and my face turned a little bit red a little later. My boyfriend didn’t feel anything so I guess it’s because I have dry and sensitive skin.

Then I tried the creams, anti-aging and rich moisturizing cream, they were both in ,,bags” so I can’t try them again, but the rich moisturizing cream is supposed to be better for dry skin. My skin is very dry but this did the job quite alright. Both creams felt nice. By boyfriend has oily skin so he tried out mineal moisturizing cream and thought it felt nice.

My overall opinion on the face treatment is that it’s over all nice but I recommend skipping the algae mask for people with sensitive skin.

I haven’t tried the body lotion yet. I’ll try it out if you want me to.

Hope you liked my reviews and have a nice day 🙂

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