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Sonia Kashuk Gold Mine 7-Piece Brush Set Review

Sonia Kashuk brushes

After hearing so many good things about the Sonia Kashuk brushes, available at Target, I decided to finally pick this set up. It was a meager $24.99, so I convinced the hubzter to hook me up.

When we got home, I immediately ran upstairs with my spoils, super excited to check these babies out!!
The packing was super easy to get apart, meaning I didn’t need the jaws of life to extract the brushes like some packaging, and the little clutch that came with the set is actually pretty cute. Granted, it won’t fit more than maybe an eyeliner and a set of keys, but I digress.


My first impression of the brushes was that they were all VERY soft, which was surprising for brushes at this price point. I also zoomed straight into the medium blending brush, because it vaguely reminded me of old MAC 225 brush, which is now retired.


Now, I’m one of those weird people who doesn’t like using much of anything without a proper washing, so I gave them a good bath before making any attempt at trying them out (you just never know…).

I tested every single brush out and believe it or not, these are actually pretty well built brushes. I wouldn’t hold them up to MAC or Sigma, but I would definitely give them a solid A for their price point. They did the job and the construction doesn’t seem shoddy at all. The handles are a little weird to work with because they’re a bit larger than most brushes I’m used to.


Overall, I’m thinking that they may have been a little overhyped. There wasn’t anything ridiculously unique about them and they didn’t impress me enough to consider looking into other brushes from this brand. However, for the money, they aren’t a bad deal. These would be great for someone who’s just starting out using brushes instead of those hideous sponge applicators *shudder* that some drugstore brands come with.

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