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REVIEW: Label.M Volume Mousse for Bigger Hair

Label.M Volume Mousse Hair Styler

You may remember my recent post on Label.M hair products where I reviewed the shampoo and conditioner and as a lovely bonus,received the tote and cosmetics bag alongside. Well,as promised here’s the review on the third styling product I received – the Label.M Volume Mousse which merits a post all to itself.


The mousse follows in the shampoo and conditioner’s footsteps with that lovely,distinct scent and luxurious bottle.The bottle itself requres a little pump action before you can have access to the mousse but when it does appear,it seems a little ‘airy’, i.e. lots of bubbles and very thin for the smooth -shaving foam type- mousse texture I was expecting. Maybe it just needs another few good shakes.


Apply it to either damp or dry hair,before blow drying which as the company promises will leave you with bigger,volumised hair. I tend to leave my hair to start drying naturally and apply it just before I give it a quick 5 minute blast with the hair dryer. This ensures that my hair doesn’t go greasy and yet allows me to style it with my usual round brush.


As an additional bonus,the manufacturers have included an Enviroshield Complex which protects hair from heat styling as well as enriching the mousse with Acerola and Olive Fruit Extracts and Avocado Oil which serve to minimisie colour loss,offer antioxidant benefits and add shine to hair.


Result: Fab!

I didn’t feel like I was applying much product to my hair due to the hair mousse’s consistency but when I’d finished blow drying there was a definite lift to my hair. I also noticed a difference after I’d used my hair straighteners –my hair wasn’t as flat as it usually was and actually seemed to hold a fairly ‘volumised’style throughout the day. At £11 a bottle this is a snip,and perhaps if it doesn’t come out the bottle too voluntarily this means it’ll last a whole lot longer.

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