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Hard Candy Fox in a Box: Hot Flash Boxed Blush

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So I picked this baby up after a few other beauty gurus had mentioned it, and I have to say, I’m quite impressed! I would’ve never pegged Wal-Mart for a hot spot of makeup goodies, and I’m sadly unfamiliar with the Hard Candy line. I want to say that they were around at the same time Wet n’ Wild was huge back in my day.


Anywhoo… I know we’re all familiar with the boxed blushes a-la’ Benefit, but these puppies are only $6, which gives me a little more playroom in the expenditure department. I wouldn’t feel bad picking up all 3 of these and only getting a few uses out of them at that price.


Hot Flash is a fuschia-pink when the colors are swirled together, and depending on which side you favor most, it can come out a little too clownish if you’re not careful. I didn’t use the enclosed brush, but I did use another fluffy brush to swirl the colors together and it came out an even pink.


I think this particular color scheme may be a tad bit overwhelming for those with SUPER fair skin, but would be pretty flattering on a fair/medium cheek. I swatched it on my NC15 skin and it was a little bit TOO pink for me at first, but after toning down the application, it blended quite nicely.

hard candy blushes

In a nutshell, don’t go overboard with the application and try to keep a light hand if you’re more fair skinned than others, otherwise you might just end up looking drunk.


Hard Candy offers 5 of these Fox-in-a-box boxed blush combos, and they can all be purchased at your local Wal-Mart for around $6.00 each. By my math, I figure you can pick up all 5 for less than a Benefit blush, so have at it!!

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