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Dupe Alert! Dupes for Deborah Lippmann Some Enchanted Evening

I took today off work, so I spent it running errands and looking for Revlon’s Whimsical nail polish.  Whimsical is supposed to be a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Glitter in the Air.  I searched a few stores and was unable to find it.  However, while at my local Walgreens, I found something that made me equally as excited.  I found Revlon’s 261 Sparkling, which I believe is a dupe for Deborah Lippmann’s Some Enchanted Evening!

Some Enchanted Evening is described as a pink salmon shimmer.  Like her other glitter polishes, Some Enchanted Evening is comprised of Lippmann’s iconic hexagonal glitter and micro-glitter.  I was curious to see how close Some Enchanted Evening matched up to Sparkling.  When I returned home, I realized I had another similar color to compare!  Essie recently came out with a top coat called A Cut Above.  It is from the new Luxeffects Holiday 2011 line out in stores now.

Deborah Lippmann retails for $18 and can be purchased on QVC.com, Deborah Lippmann’s website, and fine retail stores like Nordstrom’s.  Essie retails for $8 and can be purchased at drug stores and retail stores.  Revlon retails for $4.99 at drugstores and retail stores.  I purchased mine at Walgreens and the cashier used a $2 off manufacturer’s coupon, dropping the price to $2.99.
Below are the three polishes:


In the bottle I hardly see a difference between Some Enchanted Evening and Sparkling.  The difference with A Cut Above is very obvious, however.  A Cut Above looks much darker and is comprised very heavily of hexagonal glitter.
I immediately swatched all three polishes on my nails.  Below you will see all three with one and two coats.  With one coat, the differences are subtle.  Essie has the most clear base, Deborah Lippmann had a lot more micro-glitter, and Revlon seemed to be somewhere between the two.  Revlon is more similar to Lippmann than Essie.

1 coat

1 coat_thumb[3]


Once I applied the second coat, the difference with Essie became the most apparent.  It is heavy with hexagonal glitter.  I would say it is not very similar to Some Enchanted Evening, definitely not a dead on dupe.  Revlon on the other hand, was still very similar to Some Enchanted Evening.  If you look at the swatch below, you’ll even notice that the placement of the large glitter was more evenly spread out among the nail than the Lippmann polish.  I would attribute this to the brush.  A criticism I read often about Deborah Lipmann polishes is that the brush is too small.

2 coats_thumb[2]

2 coats 2_thumb[2]

I have to mention that I do not like the formula for A Cut Above.  I find it too thick and goopy.  I am also not a fan of a top coat so heavy on large, chunky glitter.  The formula for Sparkling is a tad on the thin side, but it is still easy to work with.  One perk I found is you will not have any trouble using the brush to re-position the glitter.  The formula for Some Enchanted Evening is just right, in my opinion, not thick or not runny.
In my opinion, Revlon’s Sparkling is as close a dupe that you will find to Deborah Lippmann’s Some Enchanted Evening.  Essie’s A Cut Above is not a close dupe.  Which polish you should purchase all boils down to your personal preference on formula, finish, and price point.  Essie would be my last choice, but I can’t choose a favorite between Deborah Lippmann and Revlon.
Which polish would you choose?

Source: http://judixo.blogspot.com/2011/12/dupe-alert-dupes-for-deborah-lippmann.html

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