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Newest NARS Goodies

My October no-buy was defeated in a blaze of glory courtesy of Sephora’s Friends & Family event. It was the plan all along, but I really made up for my lack of purchases by hauling not once, but twice. I won’t be sharing my first haul with you because it was all random bits for my Halloween costume, thus, not terribly interesting.

My second haul was pretty epic so I’ll be splitting it up into two posts. This one will show you all of the NARS goodies I picked up.
My love affair with NARS is still fairly new, but my collection has been growing steadily as of late. I have yet to be disappointed with a NARS purchase, so naturally I hauled like crazy this time around.
Until this haul I only owned one NARS duo: Dogon. I’m not sure what took me so long to add to my collection because I’m positively in love with Dogon, but I’m thrilled to have finally added three more duos to my arsenal. I also picked up a new lipstick. =)
Nouveau Monde
This was released in the NARS Spring 2011 collection and I spent the entire summer trying to decide if I should buy it or not. The combination of silvery lavender and olive green is certainly not something that I would have put together on my own, but that really just shows the amazing creative genius that goes into creating the NARS color collections each season.
NARS Nouveau Monde [artificial light]
NARS Nouveau Monde [artificial light]

Since I’m a huge nerd, I’ve been watching Sailor Moon lately. I watched it every morning before school when I was a kid so it really brings back memories. I did notice that Darien’s outfit is oddly similar to the Nouveau Monde duo. Maybe it was an inspiration? LOL


This duo wasn’t even on my radar until I saw Jessica’s Sephora Friends & Family Wishlist on Getting Cheeky. It’s a gorgeous duo of chocolate and plum, and I knew I couldn’t live without it. I honestly haven’t a clue how I never came across this duo until now.
NARS Brousse [artificial light]
NARS Brousse [artificial light]

This was a bit of an impulse buy as I’m still wary of blue eyeshadow (except for Outremer, which is far too gorgeous to be intimidated by!). I’ve been trying to step out of my comfort zone lately though so I decided to take the plunge. Mandchourie is new for Holiday 2011 and is a combination of denim with gold shimmer and matte navy blue. I’m excited to experiment with it! Pardon the crumbs, I dropped this on the floor taking it out of the box and had to thank the makeup gods that it didn’t break!

NARS Mandchourie [artificial light]
NARS Mandchourie [artificial light]

Joyous Red
I’ve been positively obsessed with bolder lip colors lately. This is mostly due to my laziness in the mornings so I can slap on a neutral wash of shadow on my lids and then emphasize my lips instead. It’s much quicker to schmear on a bold lip than to fuss with elaborate eyeshadow looks! When I first saw Joyous Red, new for Holiday 2011, I knew it would be perfect for work. On me, it’s a slightly orange-based red with a touch of golden shimmer. The shimmer doesn’t show up enough to give you disco lips, but adds a lovely depth to the lipstick. It’s not a crazy in-your-face red, so it’s lovely for daytime or for those who are a little nervous about trying out a red lipstick.

NARS Joyous Red [artificial light]
NARS Joyous Red [artificial light]
Quick lip swatch of NARS Joyous Red [artificial light]
Quick lip swatch of NARS Joyous Red [artificial light]
Swatches Left to Right: Mandchourie Duo, Brousse Duo, Nouveau Monde Duo, Joyous Red lipstick [artificial light]
Swatches Left to Right: Mandchourie Duo, Brousse Duo, Nouveau Monde Duo, Joyous Red lipstick [artificial light]

I’m interested to hear what everyone else picked up from Sephora! Feel free to share in the comments! Stay tuned for some FOTDs with these new goodies as well as the second half of my haul! <3

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